Old Yharnam

It is understandable everyone wants to have fun, and we dislike mentioning about rules, however, rules have to be exist to maintain a peaceful environment.

The 5 Dos

1. Be considerate, it helps to make this place better.

2. Be creative, it is a place for unleashing creativity. Write your own stories, it makes everything refreshing.

3. Be constructive, this site needs you to fit in the gaps.

4. Be compassionate, if you be considerate to each other, it will help creating a friendly environment.

5. Be co-operative, this is a community, we can work together.

The 5 Don'ts

1. No hatred, please refrain from bringing hate speech or constant harassment.

2. No porn, Wikia policy forbids explicit sexual content from appearing from this site.

3. No sockpuppeting, your identity is unique and it should stay as true.

4. No vandalism, every member's article and post is their valuable property, please be respectful to them

5. No isolation, should you have any inquiry, be sure to address to the admin or the moderators.

The No Banning Policy

Unlike the rest of Wikia site, we encourage the others to maintain their self control rather than issuing chat block or ban, and should you have dispute with the others, we suggest to solve them yourself in a friendly manner.

We all know the feeling of getting isolated from the others is unpleasant, which is why we do not employ Moderators to ban the others for misbehavior. we encourage to discuss first rather than shoving a ban immediately.

Because, in here, there are only two types of ban: Suspension (monthly block until appealed) and Permanent Ban (lasts forever), we refuse to apply heavy punishment to anyone, which is why you will not see a monthly ban without the option of appealing. However, if necessary, we would have to carry out the duty and ruin a person's Wiki life regrettably.

Should you got unfortunately banned and want to appeal it, please contact the admin or moderators at the Wikia Message Wall, we are willing to hear your words and should you have the willing to correct your misdeeds, we will always offer you a second chance.

So, make sure to maintain your self control.

Regarding External Images

Unless you are the author of the image, please be sure to ask for permission of the artists and give them credits.

For artists requesting a takedown, please contact the admin at Wikia Message Wall.